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Giving YOU the Control

Solutions | Delivered via IFCConnect order processing export/import freight fulfillment software. IFCConnect is an Internet based system that can be reached from anywhere in the world via computer. Our customized software creates error proof electronic and hard copy documentation with all of the required data and forms to move your shipments through ports around the world.
You choose the degree of your involvement and interaction with the logistics of your freight. We can tailor your experience to allow you to take a hands-on approach or sit back on monitor the progress from your office or home computers.

Full Control
Our system software allows you to manage and monitor the life span of your shipment yourself or through a designated individual or team. We provide you with personalized guidance, training and full service IT assistance while letting you retain full control of your order.

Full Service
If you prefer, you can sit back after placing your order and monitor the progress of target delivery dates and other Key Performance Indicators by logging into our system and through electronic updates delivered to you. Our exceptional team manages the entire process, allowing you more time to work on building your business.

Tailor-made Service
Our system is also designed to fill gaps in your global supply chain. We can assist you with specific stages and allow your team to concentrate they do best, while we expertly handle those gaps, saving you time and money.

Many domestic air, intrastate road carriers and warehouse operators limit their liability to $0.50 per pound or $50 per shipment, based on their bill of lading or warehouse receipt. Interstate truckers are governed by the Carmack Amendment, which dictates full value, but allows for limitations of liability in bills of lading, tariffs or contracts. Some carriers will also have inadequate or no liability insurance and may be unable to fund a loss out of pocket.

IFCConnect will allow you to:
  • 24/7 access to cargo, shipment and freight tracking information.
  • Instant update via email notification whenever there is a status change.
  • Cloud based system available anywhere with internet access.
  • Fully functional via 4G mobile networks.
  • System languages: English, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Chinese.
  • Real-Time Comprehensive Shipment Tracking.

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