Downlaodable Forms

Required Documentation

For convenience and interest of what to expect provided below are a series of forms that available for both import and exporting goods. We look forward to servingyou in your logistics.

Certificate of Origin
States the origin of the products being exported. This document is required by certain countries or by the terms of a letter of credit to verify the country of origin. A local Chamber of Commerce may certify and stamp this form, if required. A standard document exists, but certain countries have a specific form that is required for existing free trade agreements.
Certificate of Origin (13KB)

Commercial Invoice
The basic agreement and payment term from seller to buyer. This document contains all pertinent information related to the transaction. Customs officials use this document to determine duties and taxes on goods in the shipment.
Commercial Invoice (11KB)

Packing List
This itemizes the contents of each package (box, pallets, skids, etc.) This document includes weights, measurements and detailed contents of each package. It should be attached to the outside of a package and/or included inside the package. This document is used by shippers and forwarders to determine freight costs. It is also used by U.S. and/or foreign customs officials to check the contents of any specific package.
Packing List (9KB)

Pro-Forma Invoice
A quotation in invoice format. This document is not always required, but is often used by buyers to support an application for a Letter of Credit and/or import license
Pro-Forma Invoice (11KB)

Shippers letter of Instructions
The Shipper's Letter of Instruction explains how and where to send a shipment from the United States to an international destination. In preparing this form, the Shipper completes most of the information required on the Shipper's Export Declaration, U.S. Customs form 7525V. It combines an air waybill and a U.S. Export Declaration for shipments valued over $2,500 (USD).
Shippers LOI (69KB)

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