Cargo Insurance

Getting Piece of Mind

At Interlink Forwarding, we want to ensure you receive the best possible service in all aspects of the movement of your freight. An integral component of our services is to make sure you are aware of the need to properly insure your cargo during transit and to provide you with a competitive and comprehensive insurance program. While we always handle your goods with the utmost care, there are problems inherent in the transportation process that may cause losses beyond our control. For example:

"Lloyds of London recently reported that on average, one ship sinks every day."

"Because of regulatory changes in the industry, transportation as we know it is not the same. Carrier's liability is changing and these new treaties will have to be upheld in the court system. Do you want to be among the first to prove liability under these new regulations?"

"Some goods are simply prone to loss simply by their nature. Make sure to protect your financial interest."

Should something unforeseen happen to your cargo while in-transit, we want you to have the best protection available to help you recover after the loss. Because of our mass buying power and our strong relationship with our insurance broker, we can provide you with coverage and services not available elsewhere.

Should a loss occur, we are in the best position to help coordinate a claim. The insurance company must receive certain documents in a very timely manner in order to process a cargo insurance claim. We can facilitate that process for you so that you are able to focus on your business. Our experienced insurance broker will act immediately on your claim and handle them quickly and professionally. Minimal effort is required on your part. Finally, we believe cargo insurance is an integral part of the transportation process. As your transportation service provider, we have negotiated special rates with our insurance carrier based on our company's volume.

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